June 23, 2002

We Have 200 Couches

On Friday night Interpol cemented their status as my favorite new band. Standing elbow-by-elbow near the front of the stage in the small room upstairs at the Middle East, I soaked up every note. Now I just need to get a copy of their new EP, since I was unable to find it the next day at either Newbury Comics or Tower Records. (Doh!)

But I did make a few finds at the used record stores I hit -- only managed to squeeze in visits to six or seven this time around, but having a leisurely brunch in my old 'hood (Somerville) was first on the agenda. Also got a now-familiar lament from the folks behind the counter at my former place of employ about how things just-ain't-what-they-used-to-be in the used record biz. Flipped through records that have been sitting in the bins for at least ten years, since I remember them from when I first started working there. I can actually date the vintage of some of this stuff by the type of ink printing on the price sticker. Details, details...

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