June 24, 2002

Pop Quiz

Re-discovered in the bookmarks file: Record Geek Purity Test.

Sample question segment, from a list of approx. 250 total (!):

Have you ever...
  • dragged a friend to a concert of music they didn't know?
  • dragged a friend to a concert of music they knew and didn't like?
  • argued over what to put on the stereo?
  • put money in a jukebox?
  • made jukebox selections with the goal of annoying people you didn't know?
  • put music on the stereo with the goal of annoying people you DID know?
  • gotten in a physical confrontation over the music you picked?
  • bought a record as a gift, expecting the recipient not to like it?
  • told someone they should listen to something for their own good?

Raise your hands, those of you who answered "yes" to all, or virtually all of the above.

Posted by nstop at June 24, 2002 06:33 PM


We picked this life...

Posted by: Instant Enemy on June 24, 2002 10:20 PM

I answered yes to all the ones you posted.

I feel so dirty.


Posted by: jonmc on June 25, 2002 01:11 AM

oh...my...god...*raises hand shyly*

Posted by: shannon on June 25, 2002 09:40 AM


guilty as charged. O.O;;;

Posted by: janaki on June 25, 2002 09:44 AM

me too.

Posted by: stx23 on July 1, 2002 05:53 AM

me too....

Posted by: Andy on August 19, 2002 03:54 PM

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