June 20, 2002

Road Trip

Hunting around the apartment for more tapes to listen to for my trip up to Boston tomorrow, I came across a box filled with some amazing stuff I'd totally forgotten about. Added about 12 more cassettes to the "to-digitize" pile, including:

(Yeah, I used to be quite the show-taper.)

Anyway, I need to get this stuff off the tapes and into the computer so I'll actually listen to it. That was the big revelation about getting the iPod and using it -- not "oh cool, another gadget," but the fact that now I'm listening to a large portion of my music collection on a daily basis since I systematically went through all my CDs and picked off the best stuff as MP3s. Honestly, I didn't do it earlier because I rarely listen to music on my computer, but now that the tunes are in there it's also really nice to be able to pipe it through the stereo on "shuffle" and be constantly surprised.

Posted by nstop at June 20, 2002 10:03 PM


I have two 40 GB drives that I have ripped most of my CD's to MP3. I listen to too much music on my computer. I went and bought the new Hot Snakes CD tonight and the first thing I did was rip it to MP3. I need to stop that.

How do you like the iPod? I was thinking of getting one.

Posted by: Instant Enemy on June 21, 2002 02:28 AM

I just upgraded my hard drive to 60 GB (from 20 GB), which should suffice for now. There's no way I could fit all the songs from my CDs (let alone the vinyl, etc.) even if I had two 120 GB drives, so I've been pretty selective about what I rip. Which is fine, since I have a bunch of CDs where I only like one or two songs on them anyway.

I [heart] my iPod. Not sure what kind of commute you have, but that's when I use it the most. Also use it to transport/transfer music from home and work computers, which is better than having to FTP MP3s back and forth. Plus, it has really sparked conversations about music whenever I've shown it to people, cuz everyone loves rifling through someone else's music collection!

Posted by: nstop on June 21, 2002 10:52 AM

It's nice to have mp3s of your records in order to save wear and tear AND for easy access. Pop open winamp, close the playlist, you might hear a song you haven't heard in a while, fall in love with it all over again.

By the way, I've linked you on my page. I hope you don't mind. :B

Posted by: shannon on June 23, 2002 05:38 PM

All I need to do is get some software to remove some of the crackles and pops from my vinyl-to-digital recordings. I've saved master copies of everything so far in raw audio format in preparation for that.

Also, reciprocal linkage -- v. cool site.

Posted by: nstop on June 23, 2002 07:46 PM

Yes, as soon as we get a new computer, I'll be doing more of the same. My favorite Etta James 45 "Mellow Fellow" has tons of pops and scratches. :/

And thank you for the kind words. :D

Posted by: shannon on June 23, 2002 11:58 PM

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