June 30, 2003

Vertical Integration

Tonight I completed step one on the path to selling off a large chunk of my record collection. You'd think it would be as simple as pulling out the albums I wanted to ditch, but no. Especially not when I have multiple copies of individual records. Which one to hold on to?

At some point in my collecting, I started acquiring duplicates. It was purely by accident, at least at first. I'd buy a record, then get sent the same to review for my fanzine. Or I'd be given something as a gift that I already owned.

Then it moved into sketchier territory as the collecting bug got worse. I started having problems remembering which records I already owned, and which I didn't. So I'd buy extras that way. Sliding further down the slope, I'd pick up dollar copies of records I knew full well I already owned, on the pretense of giving them to friends (which I often did, actually). Finally, I found myself buying additional copies of albums at decidedly non-bargain prices, all so I could upgrade my existing ones, which suddenly seemed inferior. All I could think of was how scratched my vinyl was, or how dog-eared the corresponding sleeves seemed.

(And yes, I also occasionally purchased multiple copies of certain releases for later resale. Working at a record store, watching as boxes containing the latest highly-coveted, limited-edition Stereolab singles were sliced open, calculating my employee discount... sigh.)

So that's how I found myself clutching three copies of Hallelujah All the Way Home earlier tonight, holding the vinyl up the glare of a lightbulb to better see each tiny imperfection. It was all part of the process of integration. That is, integration of my unfiled records with my collection as a whole. Pulling out unique copies, spotting dupes, then comparing dupes. Picking out the best cover and best vinyl of the dupes, and marrying them together. Doing the same for each of the subseqent copies so that each found their equal.

Fun, fun, fun. Yes, I need to get out more.

Well, Martin and I are already set to go see The Fall at the Middle East this upcoming weekend. Looking forward to Thursday, when I Leave the Capitollll-uh (Hill) for that show and July 4th festivities back east. And a lobstah roll.

Posted by nstop at June 30, 2003 03:03 AM



Im still using the Japanese Neo Acoustic book you mentioned from a year ago...thanks again!
Very hard to find (and expensive) records....like you i've an insatiable appetite for the obscure heavenly pop music! especially the c86/ neo acoustic ones.
How in heaven's name would you have the will to part with them??? BUT...i'm really interesting to check out your record for sale!!!
please email me a list of your records....are you selling them in a specific web site?
Thanks again and have a great and safe day selling!


Posted by: jessel on July 1, 2003 09:19 AM

hi! i, also, was wondering where you are selling your records. any on-line? ebay? i'd love to give you $$$ if you have stuff i want. two other questions: what is the japanese neo acoustic book? and, where can i find the complete interview you did with bitch? i dropped by today wanting to read it, as i have a some time to spare, but i can't find it. okay, that's all. thanks and best! gina

Posted by: gina on July 2, 2003 02:49 PM

I wrote a little about the Neo-Acoustic book in this entry last year. It's a guide to indiepop/C-86 and related records, very thorough and filled with many obscurities. Not sure how easy it is to find anymore -- I got my copy by placing a special-order at the Japanese book store near Grand Central Station in NYC.

As for selling my records... I will most likely be selling them on eBay. And I'll certainly post a link here when I'm ready to do so.

Finally, I've added to my main page sidebar links to the Bitch interview questions/my answers (part I and part II) for curious folks such as yourself who probably got here from my other site that was mentioned in that mag.

Posted by: Jen on July 3, 2003 06:15 AM

I'm Japanese.
There are many records collecters of neo acoustic in Japan.
Of course me, too.
I want "playing at trains" 2nd EP"walk on water"
Do someone have information?

Posted by: tomoya on September 28, 2003 05:34 AM

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