June 16, 2003

Return of the Hypnotist

Still resting up after a long weekend of music, during which I caught performances from The Dismemberment Plan, Enon, The Clean, Cinerama and The New Pornographers. Also took a long-overdue first trip to the EMP to check out the exhibits on Pacific Northwest poster art and the birth of hip-hop. (Reviews to follow.)

While I've been taking in live music aplenty lately, one thing I need to catch up on is records, records, records. I denied myself any serious browsing at Sonic Boom the other day (at least until I launch my next round of eBay auctions), but one that will send me to the store on the day of release is the new Consonant album. According to the Fenway Recordings site, the band's second album is set for release on August 18th. Based on the new songs I've heard at the past few gigs of theirs, this new one should be another keeper.

Posted by nstop at June 16, 2003 08:29 PM


I was in Italy a couple of weeks ago, and turned on the telly in the hotel room. I flipped around until I found MTV Europe, and the video being played at that very minute was Enon!

Posted by: steve on June 16, 2003 08:54 PM

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