July 18, 2002


This is pretty amusing, even if I don't have one of those phones with the programmable rings:

Morrissey & The Smiths Ring Tones

Would be even better if there were sound samples.

(link via the buttlist)

Posted by nstop at July 18, 2002 07:46 PM


man, that is genius. I need to get a cellphone myself. hm. actually I'm outta luck on the nokia tip though, cause my employer gets mad discounts on sprint services, and my brother has a phone he recently quit using which is down with sprint, so I'll be taking it over eventually.

that reminds me: when I was a dj in college, a friend of mine and I went into the studio to use the promo cart recorder to make a big long loop of morrissey's various moans and groans from the entire smiths & morrissey catalog. you know, like just the "eeerggh, oooh" after he sings the line "hairdresser on fire." we got something like a full 10 minutes long before the end of our morrissey records, so we just called it quits and looped it.

had to be the funniest bizarre background I ever talked over, and what college dj doesn't go out of their way to one-up the last guy with random background music?

Posted by: martin on July 18, 2002 08:39 PM