July 14, 2002

Buckets of Flowers

While I hadn't planned on being able to attend, I happily found myself at the Knitting Factory tonight to see Consonant, the band I more or less raved about a few entries back. I managed to squeeze through the throngs to the front of the stage, where I (amazingly) had a good-sized zone of personal space in which to rock out to the music -- very unlike the situation at the Interpol show where I was also at the front of the stage but crowded by this dude's elbow every other second.

The band opened with a blistering rendition of "What A Body Can Do" and got even better from song to song, playing all my favorites from the album and three new songs. A definite highlight was "That Boston Life," which served up tautness and thrash (toe-tapping and head-shaking) in equal measure. Not that I expected anything less, but it's really wonderful when you go see a band whose record you love, then find that they can really do justice to it live, bringing across the songs with such passion and musicanship. My only disappointment is that, according their web site, there don't appear to be any more shows scheduled for the time being. C'mon, more!

I'm listening to my Consonant CD right now, which I picked up at Other Music yesterday -- see, music downloads really do drive CD sales! (At least in my case...) Also got a bunch other new CDs, incl. the new Wire and Interpol, which I'll talk a little bit about tomorrow.

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