June 18, 2002

Crash Into June

Song Artist Album Year
Black And White The dB's Stands For Decibels 1981
Suggestions Small Factory The Industrial Evolution 1991
I Is For Incomplete Wimp Factor 14 Ankle Deep 1993
Block Of Wood The Bats Daddy's Highway 1987
French Kiss Conspiracy Churchbuilder Patty Darling 2001
School Disco bis The New Transistor Heroes 1995
T.C.R. Prolapse Backsaturday 1995
Double Negative [Peel Session] Vic Godard & the Subway Sect What's The Matter Boy? 1978
Instrumental Galaxie 500 Today 1988
Single KO Wire 154 1979
Four Words Brittle Stars Brittle Stars 1999
Sand In My Shoes Coloring Book Sand In My Shoes 1993
Ton Of Feathers, Ton Of Steel Statuesque Angleterre 1996
Pyromaniac The Verlaines 10 O'Clock In The Afternoon 1984
Consolation Prize Orange Juice Ostrich Churchyard 1981
Echelon Form Phoebe Quest The Windward Sound 2001
Walking Into Walls HoneyBunch Time Trials 1991
Unkind & Unwise The Go-Betweens Spring Hill Fair 1984
Rain The Chills Brave Words 1987
Hats Off, Here Comes The Girl The Lilac Time Astronauts 1991
What Was That Thing Able Tasmans A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down 1987
Godsound Pest 5000 The Long Secret 1995
Nothing New [Dust Brothers Remix] April March Chrominance Decoder 1999
It's Kinda Funny Josef K Endless Soul 1980
24 Game Theory Real Nighttime 1985
She's On Drugs The Jazz Butcher Cult Of The Basement 1990
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