June 18, 2002

Cool Whip

Song Artist Album Year
School Disco bis The New Transistor Heroes (Japanese version) 1995
No Disco The Wannadies You And Me Song EP 1995
No Compassion Talking Heads Talking Heads '77 1977
Baby's Alright Comet Gain The Gettin Ready E.P. 1995
Shutdown Jane Pow Love It Be It! 1990
Spoddy Man Delicate Vomit   1995
Where's Captain Kirk? Spizzenergi   1979
Plastik People bis V/A - The Camden Crawl 1995
Tracy Screeming Custard!   1990
Atta Girl Heavenly   1993
Ambition Subway Sect   1978
Yoga The Pastels Yoga 1994
Ahead of the Race Helen Love   1995
History Never Repeats Split Enz Waiata 1981
Godsound Pest 5000 V/A - The Long Secret 1995
Son Of A Gun The Vaselines The Way Of The Vaselines: A Complete History 1987
Ernie Ball Dolly Mixture Demonstration Tapes 1979
Come Out 2nite Kenickie   1996
Theme Airbomb Repeater   1995
Satellite Kicking Giant Halo 1993
Fractured (Like Chandeliers) Polvo Celebrate The New Dark Age 1994
25 Reasons Red House   1983
Black And White The dB's Stands For Decibels 1981
Super Slinky Spare Snare Live At Home 1993
Mind Your Own Business Delta 5   1979
New Boyfriend and Black Suit Beatnik Filmstars   1995
Everything's Roses The Fire Engines Fond 1980
T.C.R. Prolapse Backsaturday 1995
Caroline Able Tasmans A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down 1986
Go For Gold Girls At Our Best   1981
Sleeping Through Heaven Game Theory Blaze Of Glory 1982
People Say The Go-Betweens 78 'til 79 The Lost Album 1979
Room With A View Let's Active Afoot 1983
Beestung Remix Charles Brown Superstar The Summertime E.P. 1994
James Remains The Experimental Pop Band Woof
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