To Jesus

My mind my will my heart, they are mine
but they are not me.
Precious tools of eternal value
in earthen hands has My Creator placed
infinite wisdom beyond our reach:
to pick a broken me,
and clothe it with the dignity of a queen!

He has given me a mind with thoughts
that can fly as high as His Throne
or sink to the most hideous bottomless depths.


he has given me a soul, a heart,
that will drink of His love and be utterly satisfied,
but, also, help!! a heart that will see Him
pour out His blood, His life, and be indifferent!


He has given me a will to create, but also to destroy,
to reach out or to reject, to act, to bring to pass,
to stand alone, proud and 'self made',
like a monument ready to fall;
Or yield my will to His,
like a child to her loving Father, like a creature to her Creator;
That I will choose, in Him will I be spent!!!!

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