Divine Frustration

Like a song trapped in a music box,
or a bird in a cage,
like a brook condemned to a dam,
my soul dreamt of an escape.
Somewhere beyond my inner walls,
Somewhere beyond must be a gate!

I searched deeper and deeper into my soul,
only to find the things I really loathed;
There must be something more than this empty glass,
something more than this broken heart.
The pain of frustration grew, like a giant reservoir;
Disappointments from all directions came pouring in.

Looking back I see the Creator's master plan,
softly whispering to my confused soul:
"That's right, for something better I created you."

Divine frustration wouldn't let me settle for less,
No wonder, look at the price He paid!
His very own son, to die in my place.

Inspired frustration, divinely appointed,
you can choose your own roads,
but not where they will end.
The road most travelled, is paved with self;
Turn your eyes in, it will lead you to hell.

You can play games,
pretend that it does not hurt.
But you can't stop Him from telling you:
"For something better I created you"

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