updated 10/14/99  

cool Japanese import CD

As bis are proverbially Big in Japan, there's yet another great exclusive Japanese release now out. Titled Techno Disco Lovers, it's a 6-song EP featuring three versions of "Eurodisco" plus three other tracks. CDNow has copies in stock as of thi s update -- purchase or read more about it first.

There's also a nifty Japanese release of Social Dancing with more bonus tracks in addition to the requisite special packaging (see item below).

new bis album out now

Social Dancing
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Social Dancing CD
Social Dancing LP Social Dancing Japanese CD - with bonus tracks!
A new album chock full of new songs including the UK Top 40 hit "Eurodisco", Social Dancing was released worldwide on April 6th of this year. Album available on CD or LP in the US.

Making People Normal
I'm A Slut
Action And Drama
Theme From Tokyo
The Hit Girl
Am I Loud Enough?
Young Alien Types
Sale Or Return
It's All New
Listen Up