June 03, 2003

Wonderful Offer

Just announced on the Typical Girls mailing list:

Kill Rock Stars has just released a 2-CD Essential Logic set, Fanfare In the Garden. This collection appears to gather material from the original incarnation of the band, Lora Logic's solo output shortly thereafter, and tracks from a circa-2001 reformation.

Given that KRS brought us a re-release of the LiLiPUT double CD a few years back, it doesn't surprise me that they'd be responsible for this reissue of yet another female-led, post-punk band's catalog. The only thing I'm curious about is why it doesn't seem to collect all of the early material -- a quick scan of both my collection and this excellent disocography brings up around seven or eight songs (mostly b-sides, but also one track from Lora's solo LP) that didn't make it onto the double-CD. Curious. It would be cool if KRS could post a guide to the tracklisting on their site, too, though I'm hoping that the CD booklet will provide all the info I need. Because at $13 for two CDs' worth of music, this is something I'm definitely going to purchase.

Posted by nstop at June 03, 2003 08:40 PM


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