December 23, 2002

Elgin Avenue Breakdown

Very sad to have learned of the death of Joe Strummer yesterday. Someone who was a friend of his posted a moving eulogy on the typicalgirls list, and the peeps at FP are posting their favorite Clash songs. And right now I'm watching a performance on Letterman of Strummer and his band that I'd taped off of TV earlier this year.

When a friend and I interviewed Slits and Raincoats drummer Palmolive a number of years ago, my favorite part of our chat with her was when she pulled out her scrapbook chronicling her punk rock days. Inside were pictures of friends and bandmates from that era, many of which proved to be a catalyst for a story or bit of odd trivia that she'd share with us. I remember her stopping on one picture of Joe Strummer, which is still clearly etched in my memory, as is what she said about it. (Scroll to near the bottom of the page.)

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