December 12, 2002

What Have I Said Now?

First cleaning up and consolidating old junk in boxes, now doing the same for my computer files. Specifically, going through the 30-high pile of Zip disks that have been sitting on a shelf above my computer for the past four plus years.

In among the circa 1994 emails and countless HTML and image files from the old Rykodisc site* were some digital artifacts from my time as a college radio music director -- weekly Top 20 lists, my record label contacts database, and copies of some of my old Dialogue submissions for CMJ's New Music Report, the weekly trade magazine.

It sez here in this old copy of the mag I'm holding that Dialogue "is a forum for communication about all facets of the music industry." Translation: a section of the magazine where record company reps, record store owners, music directors and other industry types were encouraged to shoot the shit in 250 words or less. But less like an excerpt from a record label newsletter and more in the spirit of... well, a weblog -- gossipy, random and variably entertaining from week-to-week and author-to-author.

I did my own share of blah blah blah in that section, most of which is not particularly scintillating. But I did write this one bit which is kind of funny in retrospect:

Only now, about ten years after the compact disc was introduced, after all the crap that could possibly have been reissued on CD was reissued do I finally rub my eyes with amazement at all of the great music that is finally coming to (widespread) light: LiLiPUT, Raincoats, This Kind of Punishment, Bill Direen and the Bilders, ad infinitum. Now if only some smart record exec would reissue the entire Galaxie 500 back catalogue domestically, or the first and third Go-Betweens albums at all...

I would have to wait another 2-3 years for those Galaxie 500 and Go-Betweens CDs, but all of those and many more great albums would eventually end up in stores once again. Right now on the typicalgirls list, people are making their CD reissue wish lists, and The Mo-Dettes, Delta 5, Prag Vec and Essential Logic are among those that have been mentioned. Apparently Kill Rock Stars, who brought us the LiLiPUT CD re-reissue, are going to be coming out with an Essential Logic disc. Now if only someone would reissue the Lora Logic solo LP so I can have "Martian Man" on CD... anybody listening?

* Speaking of old stuff from the Rykodisc site, thankyouthankyouthankyou Andy Aldridge for resurrecting my old Galaxie 500 site. What a blast from the past!

Posted by nstop at December 12, 2002 12:00 AM


Do zip disks go bad? I hope not because I have a bunch of old stuff and backups on them, although now the backups are the original of the "surviving" data. Guess I better dig mine out too and burn them on a CD..........

Posted by: Blaine Hilton on December 12, 2002 12:20 AM

hey, you originally did up the G500 site for Rykodisc? Very cool. I just got the box set last month and I was poking around the resurrected site on Andy's website around then.

Posted by: frank on December 12, 2002 12:25 PM

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