October 23, 2002

Take A Walk

Soundtrack of today:

"Changes" - Sugar
"Rise" - Public Image Ltd.
"Mannequin" - Wire
"Sold!" - Enon
"Fish In the Sea" - Jean-Paul Sartre Experience
"Every Word Means No" - Let's Active
"Pat-Trip Dispenser" - The Fall
"Higher Ground" - The Feelies
"Couldn't You Wait?" - Silkworm
"Post-Pathetic" - Consonant
"Penelope Tree" - Felt
"I'm Going Out of My Way" - Stereolab
"My Ever Changing Moods" - The Style Council
"I Don't Mind the Rain" - The Orange Peels
"Cattle and Cane (Live)" - The Go-Betweens
"Castle of Blood" - Churchbuilder
"Effloresce and Deliquesce" - The Chills
"Heaven or Las Vegas" - Cocteau Twins
"Loretta's Scars" - Pavement
"I Wanna Destroy You" - The Soft Boys
"Judgement Day" - Steve Kilbey
"I Could Be Dreaming" - Belle & Sebastian
"Love On A Farmboy's Wages" - XTC
"Rocket Ship" - Kathy McCarty
"Big Rat" - The Wedding Present

(Courtesy of iPod "shuffle" feature, even if it is a bit wonky at times.)

I really needed those first two to kick-start my walk this afternoon, too. Fucking freezing weather in NYC, though the sunshine and clear blue skies were quite nice. Working on filling my lungs with enough fresh air to last me through the upcoming CMJ club crawl...

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