September 26, 2002

Clear Off!

It's that time of year again -- end of summer, time to start eBaying once more. That's selling, not (god forbid) buying. The last thing I need is more stuff. No, I've got boxfuls of records that I really, truly, am going to get rid of finally. They are just so much more of a pain to photograph and ship than CDs, so I'd waited until I'd sold almost all my extraneous or dupe CDs before pulling those damn boxes out of the closet.

Taking a peek in box #7 of duplicates (S through V) reveals records by:

Sandie Shaw
Shelleyan Orphan
Shop Assistants
Silly Pillows
Sneaky Feelings
Sonic Youth
Speed the Plough
Split Enz
Christ Stamey
The Stars of Heaven
Stockholm Monsters
Straitjacket Fits
Strawberry Switchblade
Nikki Sudden
The Sugargliders
Swell Maps
Talulah Gosh
Teenage Fanclub
The Terminals
That Petrol Emotion
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
This Kind of Punishment
Tracey Thorn
The 3Ds
Throwing Muses
Tiger Trap
The Trypes
28th Day
Uncle Wiggly
The Vaselines

(A complete list of all contents, not edited for coolness purposes.)

I probably won't get rid of all my duplicates, but likely most. This is box #7. There are many other boxes. Did I mention these are only the LPs? Singles are a whole other series of boxes. Record collecting is a sickness, truly. Maybe this is why I stopped following new music for so long, some kind of subconscious self-preservation instinct to keep me from becoming one of those crazy people that hoards old newspapers and tin cans that get stacked so high they can't even open their front door? Except with records.

Anyway, I'm doubly motivated to get rid of these since I just placed orders with Insound and Opal Music in the past week. Out with the old, in with the new.

Speaking of new music... I've made another mix of the stuff, fall 2002 edition, which I've been testing out in the usual fashion, using it as the soundtrack for my walks in Central Park. Once I've written some liner notes I'll be posting those and the track list here with some shout-outs to friends and acquaintances that helped me discover some of this music. (Thank you, friends!)

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