August 24, 2002

On Returning

Digging through the cassette pile tonight yielded another treasure, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to make the first update in years (don't ask how many) to my Palmolive site, which documents the visit Mike and I made to see the former Slits and Raincoats drummer in action in her Christian rock band.

I've added MP3s of all three songs performed by Hi-Fi that night, stops and starts and stage banter and all as recorded on my trusty Sony D-6. The only full song I'd previously posted was a RealAudio version of "FM," which was encoded sometime back in the web Stone Age. While the sound quality of my original recording isn't fantastic, these MP3s capture the full experience. Enjoy.

Posted by nstop at August 24, 2002 05:44 AM


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