August 09, 2002

Secret Stars

On Monday I got a tip from a mailing list I'm on that one of my favorite new bands was playing a "secret" free show at Luna Lounge the next night. Woo-hoo!

So Tuesday night, after dropping in at the MeFi NYC gathering for a little bit, it was off to Luna Lounge to meet up with some friends for the show. Got there just as Interpol was getting started, and the club was packed. (Some secret!) We followed the crowd towards the back and wedged ourselves into a spot just outside the doorway to the performance area, where it was hard to see anything, but we could hear the music just fine.

Another great performance, though a bit short at 45 minutes. "NYC" was beautiful, dreamy, and the song met with the most crowd enthusiasm, even more so than closer "PDA" (my fave). Halfway through their set, I managed to squeeze my way into the club area and onto a small riser/platform that enabled me to see over the tall people (why do I always get stuck behind them?). It also helped get me away from the main floor area, where a constant crush of people were pushing into/out of the space, depending on how badly then wanted to see the band/how hot and sweaty and claustrophic they ended up feeling once inside.

But I am looking forward to the next proper Interpol show, even though it will surely be in a much larger space (and, oh yeah, will cost money!). Aside from my wanting more, more more! music, the crowd that night was a little subdued. It seemed like most of the people there were music industry folks checking out the potential "next big thing," or at least that's the vibe I got. Stands to reason, since the show wasn't publicized at all -- the band didn't even send anything out to their mailing list about it. Curious.

Exiting the club with about 80% of its patrons, we grabbed some fresh air, and saw that it was still early (just after 10pm!). So there ended the musical portion of our evening, but there the night certainly did not end. But that would be a story for another weblog...

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