July 27, 2002

The Now Sound

It's been over two weeks since I've created it, and I've been listening to it so much in that span of time that I'm almost (but not quite) burnt out on it, so I figure it's about time that I posted my new playlist. It's comprised of pretty much all new music, released this year. (Exceptions: three songs from 2000, one from late '99, all of which are new to me and, well, just made sense to include.) And no more than two songs per band.

Creating this mix is a big deal to me, just being able to put together a selection of new music that I really like. I'd started buying fewer new records probably sometime in 1996, when I stopped both working at a record label and radio DJ-ing. For the next couple of years I tried to keep up a bit, but from 1998 up until recently I pretty much only listened to friends' bands or records released on my friends' record labels.

But now I'm finally paying attention again, and I'm happy to find that there is a lot of great new music out there. As much as I love listening to my favorite records over and over again, the thrill of finding something new to put into permanent rotation... Well, in rotation at least until I find out which ones have true staying power. (I've already placed my bets.)

I'm looking forward to continuing to download new MP3s from emusic.com or other sites, borrow CDs from my friends, check out the new MP3s on my company's music server, transfer music from my friends' iPods, and buy CDs of anything that really grabs me, as on my recent excursion to Other Music. The next step will be to get rid of the large portion of my record collection which consists of "records I have listened to once/never and will probably never play again." That will be much, much harder.

Posted by nstop at July 27, 2002 03:26 AM


Other Music puts rocks in my socks. When I move to the city, I intend to live there. It's one of the few 'alternative'(for lack of a better word)record stores that appeals equally to fans of obscure old shit(like me) and fans of obscure new shit(like you)

Posted by: jonmc on July 27, 2002 03:24 PM

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