July 22, 2002

Send Me A Lullaby

Arrived home this evening to find a happy package propped up against my front door: my order from Amazon.co.uk containing the deluxe re-re-issues of the first three albums by The Go-Betweens. Each album contains a whole bonus disc of extras, and I'd been reading about these for the past couple of months online, thinking all the while I'd be patient and wait the extra few weeks for them to be released stateside. But no, I could not wait.

Before I continue, I should perhaps mention that The Go-Betweens are my favorite band and have been from just around the time they split up circa 1990. Great timing for a fan, huh? I actually tried to attend their Boston club gig on what would be their last tour but the goddamn bouncers turned me away for being underage (under 21). Bastards.

So I think I actually own most of the bonus material already, but as poor-quality MP3s or slightly scratchy vinyl or live recordings which are varying degrees of pleasant to listen to. What's coming out of my speakers right now sounds fantastic, Robert Forster's pointed delivery jumping out of the speakers (A great reputation she kept up, My God! she kept me up.). More liner notes, recording notes, lyrics, computer-playable music videos, oh my.

First in the CD player was the bonus disc accompanying the third album, Spring Hill Fair, specifically track 3, "Newton Told Me." I'd always wished this was on the album proper, as it only ever was released as a 12"-only b-side. So good that Providence pop band Honeybunch used to do a version of this live. I remember when interviewing Jeffrey of Honeybunch back in 1991, we found out we had the same favorite album, The Go-Betweens' second LP, Before Hollywood. Then when I found out that "Newton Told Me" used to be part of their live set, I begged them to play it again -- and they did! (Damn, that's a live tape I still need to digitize, the last Honeybunch show with Chris on drums when they played "Newton Told Me.")

I want to listen to every single disc now, in order, for the rest of the night. But must be off to see Neil Finn.

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