July 02, 2002

Rocking the Turnstiles

Maybe it's the New York heat, but this playlist I put together last night is the perfect thing to be listening to right now. Standing against a metal beam in the subway station, kicking my heel back into it in time as I sweat on the crowded platform waiting for the train to rumble by with a breeze.

Posted by nstop at July 02, 2002 12:51 AM


Wow! That's a great playlist. I wish I had a commute to work. I get about 4 songs in before I reach the office. Dang.

Posted by: Instant Enemy on July 2, 2002 04:18 PM

I love waiting for the bus after work. Sometimes, I secretly hope the bus is running a little late as I get to listen to music with no interruptions. Last night I had a great assortment of boogaloo and funk. Yum.

Yay for public transportation. :D

Posted by: shannon on July 3, 2002 09:50 AM

My commute isn't terribly long, as I both live/work in Manhattan, but there's a good deal of walking, which is find is best suited for music listening. In the past I've had commuting situations that required being in a car for 45 min or more, and I never found myself listening to music -- just the @%$^%$! traffic reports over and over and over again.

Posted by: nstop on July 3, 2002 12:09 PM

Just be careful if you're walking down the street listening to boogaloo or funk...People might stare at you funny if you start dancing! :D

Posted by: shannon on July 3, 2002 10:51 PM

I've got the commute from hell -- 2.5 hours -- and I've gotta tell you, the ipod's looking mighty tasty. If I only had a Mac...me jealous!

Hey, since you're playlist-generatin', have you tried this? http://www.kung-foo.tv/itti.html I just put something like it (a Winamp plugin) on my site; looks like the kind of thing you'd appreciate, as well. :)

Posted by: roe on July 3, 2002 11:14 PM

Hey, thanks for the link to Kung-Tunes -- seems like a cool little app. I should put that on my work Mac and set my mp3s on "shuffle" all day, even if I don't always have my headphones on.

Posted by: nstop on July 6, 2002 03:24 AM

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