September 12, 2002

Factory Finding

Song Artist Album Year
Electricity OMD   1979
Disorder Joy Division Unknown Pleasures 1979
Time Goes By So Slow The Distractions   1979
Sketch For Summer The Durutti Column The Return of The Durutti Column 1980
Flight A Certain Ratio   1980
Dolphin's Spurt Minny Pops   1981
Concorde Square Crispy Ambulance Live On A Hot August Night 1981
Creamo Coyl Crawling Chaos The Gas Chair 1982
The Process Section 25 From the Hip 1984
All At Once Stockholm Monsters   1984
Of The Matter The Wake   1985
What's The World James Village Fire 1985
Bizarre Love Triangle New Order Brotherhood 1986
When It All Comes Down Miaow   1987
Brighter The Railway Children   1987
Wrote For Luck Happy Mondays Bummed 1989
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