June 18, 2002

Cha Cha

(in no particular order)

Song Artist Album Year
Rip It Up Orange Juice Rip It Up 1982
Ladykillers Lush Lovelife 1998
He's Frank (Slight Return) The Monochrome Set Volume, Contrast, Brilliance... Sessions & Singles 1978
School Disco bis The New Transistor Heroes (Japanese version) 1995
Make Out Club Unrest Perfect Teeth 1993
Baby's Alright Comet Gain The Gettin Ready E.P. 1995
Noel, Jonah And Me The Spinanes Manos 1993
No Disco The Wannadies You And Me Song EP 1995
Disco 2000 Pulp Different Class 1995
Heaven Sent Josef K Endless Soul 1981
Castle Of Blood Churchbuilder Patty Darling 2001
Airplane Rider Air Miami V/A - No Balls 1994
Sugar [Dust Brothers Remix] April March Chrominance Decoder 1999
C.R.E.E.P. The Fall The Wonderful And Frigtening World Of The Fall 1984
44 Robbers Laikia Silver Apples of the Moon 1995
Sometimes Erasure The Circus 1987
Kandy Pop bis The New Transistor Heroes (Japanese version) 1996
Perfect Way (UK version) Scritti Politti Cupid & Psyche '85 1985
Common People Pulp Different Class 1995
Au Grand Jour Stereolab Switched On 1991
James Remains The Experimental Pop Band Woof 1996
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